Sunday, December 20, 2009

osum class

  Today I attended my classes. I have been called by my senior to convey a remembrance to my class members about the OSUM meet up that is to be held by this evening. That is the first time I stood forward and convey my message to my friends ,usually I will be very tensed before I am speaking but this time with the guidance of my senior I conveyed very cool manner ,then I asked to convey this all over the department , I conveyed in cool manner but little bit tensed.
Already 14 classes has been conducted to my seniors this is the first class for us.At 4:30pm me with my friends were assembled for the OSUM class nearly 50 members were there in that hall, I have been sitting in a first row with my laptop. Then MR.SANTOSH.V has commenced by sharing his thoughts about the open source, need for open source, flavors of linux, classification of linux kernel, file system in linux, swap area, working in ubuntu.
Then we have been sharing our thoughts about the”Arunai Osum 2010” the posting were announced then the procedure for the nomination is announced as online.
Later on we moved on to the linux initialization here we guys are provided with the ubuntu9.10 cd where we are guided throughout the initialization both the wubi and full initialization of linux. Here the session ends with the good response from the members ‘that the session is very interesting’ and the guys without system are given cd to their home for the initialization in their home. And I contact with mr.santosh.v about my participication and we discussed about the osum team in 2010 and I asked for a session in osum class he replied that ‘we are here to share our thoughts and knowledge so go ahead ‘and he promised that he will be giving me a session on forth coming week.

                                                                               -V.Arun Jaya Immanuel

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