Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome Epic

The IT in the india made the world to turn around to our nation this day i am very enthusiastic to use the browser that was completely ,made by the hired work of the indian software we all heartly welcome the "epic browser".....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Study Holidays

The days are long but the night are short n summer but for us the days are short and nights are long because we guys are enjoying the nights with the chatting and we take rest in the day time.actually these happen better in study than the semester holidays.I dedicate this to all my engineering friends enjoy the holidays.....have a cool days....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

fsf meet

I was in Chennai on 07/02.2010 i went to attend my FSF project review meeting there i presented our presentation about our project and also about the OSUM and the GLUG activities in our college by the students and iam very proud that iam a FOSS promoter.

Now i am actively presenting my Papers and taking up many seminars in class..

Monday, January 25, 2010

OSUM class 25/01/2010

Todays OSUM class has the three sessions which is co ordinate by me

The first session was about the "Micro Blue tooth which is shared by miss reshma of IT 2nd year this session has shared the very advanced thoughts in the field of the communication.

The second session is on the "ANDROID" by K.Arun from 2nd year CSE,which is a mobile operating system and his loosed thoughts in the android motivated all the menbers to be a android developer

the last session was the wonderful session that shared about the "Advantages of the open source software over the prosperity software" which is taken by Abdhul of 2nd year IT.

This was the most interesting this in the osum class ,is nothing but the speech of mr V. Santosh ,his speec about the open thoughts was excellent and his guidance mae me to compire the osum class

Then we discussed about the :OSUM TECH DAYS 2010" we have planned to make this one as a grand feast and we will do it...
V.Arun Jaya Immanuel

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arun OSUM Class

Ajax (Asynchronous Java And XMl)

This is my first class in which I shared my thoughts in the OSUM
class.i have commenced with the need of the Ajax.


It is the process of grabbing the information from the server without disturbing the web page .The Ajax implements this using the Java script and the XML. The dynamic page in the Ajax can grab the very huge data than the Java script by using the XMLHTTP REQUEST, this is the special feature of the Ajax. This Ajax is used in the Google map, login page, live searched.


Today due to the absence of the president I have took the responsibility of the osum class.

The first session is taken by MR A.Kumar about web 2.0.He commenced with the open web

The session was continued then the session was ended with the sixth sense by Kumar.This session wined up by the welcoming the web 3.0 .
The next session is taken by Mr.A.Parthiban .this session is about the comparison of the propriety software and the open source software .Today the discussion is about the GIMP vs Adobe Photoshop

This session has the valuables points, and the tools of the GIMP were discussed.

The osum class has ends with the motivation to the students for the OSUM Tech Days 2010.
The photos of this session
V.Arun Jaya Immanuel
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