Sunday, July 24, 2011

President Election

It's my final year in Arunai Engineering College .on 20th July 2011 our dept meeting for selecting the committee members held and there i have decided to stand for the post of President of the student association .By 3:50 all students and staff members are assembled .The first election is for President HOD called for the nominees ,I stood up first and two of my friends were also stood up ,HOD asked us to discuss with our self and one of us should be the president .At that time one of my friend decided to be the secretary of student association.Then we three went out and started the discussion ,Secretary supported me and after few minutes we came to an conclusion and that third friend be the Program Organizer.Then HOD asked me to give the speech in the class,Usually i will not get afraid of giving speech after my first stage experience i sensed my legs are shivering and i relaxed my self and gave a speech now i nominated the heads for different committee all together we started our work to the POINTERS2K11 .hope we will do it in the success way.

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