Thursday, July 28, 2011

Running Virtual OS in Fedora

Hello every one yesterday i went to an seminar on Open source technology i learned a lot and today i was working on my lab exercise its about using virtual OS in fedora .

1. Download the fdbasecd.iso from

The following steps should be followed from the directory where fdbasecd.iso is stored

2. qemu-img create virtualdisk.img 100M

3. qemu -hda virtualdisk.img -cdrom fdbasecd.iso -boot d

4. After booting through QEMU, select 1 to boot from CDROM

5. Select Language - English US

6. Select option to boot FreeDOS from CDROM

7. from X:>fdisk

(If it asked to restart just close that window)

8. Enable Large disk support (Y)

9. Create DOS partition -> Primary DOS partition

10. Make the whole DOS Primary partition as Active (Y)

(Then Proceed with the installation by NEXT .)
(wait until it get installed completely)
(If it asked to restart just close that window)
11. qemu -hda virtualdisk.img -cdrom fdbasecd.iso -boot c

12.Now select the 3rd option and press ENTER

So you installed an virtual OS on fedora

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