Monday, July 16, 2012

Installing Android in Windows

The Android Application can be developed in the pc that running on windows , Follow the steps given below,
You need following things before get started
1.JRE 6 or Above
2. Eclipse Indigo
3.ADT (Android Development Toolkit)
4.Android-SDK (Software Development Kit)

Note: If you download android sdk from the they will not provide platforms . here you can see in side a platform folder you will have one folder named "Android-8". It means you can develop application for the android 2.2 . The 8 means the API level of the Android.
Now lets get Started
1. Install Java
2. Extract the eclipse-java-indigo-SR2-win32  and Double click on the file ("eclipse.exe")
3.When you open the eclipse it will ask to select the work space, The work space is the place where the projects we do will be saved
4.Now we Install ADT in eclipse go to Help->Install New Software...,Click on ADD,Now type Any Name as AVD, and click on Archive,Now select the that you have downloaded.
5.After selecting the zip file and click ok , the Developer tool will appear on the screen check them all click Next,.Then accept the licence and wait for installation .If it shows any warning just click ok,Then it will ask for restart eclipse , Click it to restart,
6.Its time to install SDK
7.Extract the
8.When eclipse opens select the work space and then wait the dialog will appear telling you to install sdk just cancel it.
9.Go to Windows->Preference,select Android tab
10.Now click on Browse and select the android-sdk folder, Click Apply, then android 2.2 will appear now select that and click ok.
11. Now the environment is ready to develop android application ,but we need a emulator to test our android projects,so we need AVD
12.Go to Windows->AVD Manager Click on New,Type the Name of the AVD ,Select the Target as Android 2.2 - API Level 8, now click OK.
13. Now Avd is created . Select the avd and click on start, a new dialog will appear now click launch.
14.The Avd will start now
Note:Do not disturb the Avd when its booting up since it may lead to Not responding mode
Starting Screen of Avd

Loading Avd

Avd Lock Screen
To unlock hold the left button of the mouse and check on the lock button and drag towards the right side

Avd Home Screen

 So finally we have successfully installed Android.

Hello World !!! Android Users Group

Hello World !!! I am Arun Jaya Immanuel V , I have learned android in my summer vacation, i am a FOSS promoter in my college days i use to spread the open source technologies in my college. After learning this android i am very happy that i can share this technology to the people across the world who want to learn android. So i have created the FB page (Android User Group) . From now on i will be blogging the things from the scratch to this blog and also share this in the FB page . People who are learning android can ask query's in the FB page or by E mail(, we will answer your queries with example programs.
"Grow your Skills , Share Knowledge"

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