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Getting Started with WordPress (Installisation and Configuration)

Designing a web site made easy with the CMS ( Content Management System). One of the very famous CMS is WordPress.
Here i have explained the installation steps for WordPress.

2.Web Server
3.Data Base Server

Where can i get all these requirements?  

All the above requirements are available in the Internet.

                         WordPress can be downloaded from the official site - here 
You will get the zipped file just extract the file. we will get started once we get other two requirements.

 2.Web Server
                          Web Server is the one which is use to run the web pages and serves to the web clients.
The very famous web server is Apache. We will see the installation and configuration of web server below.

3.Data Base Server
                            WordPress needs Database, so we need a separate server.
                             I use My sql as a database server.

 Is Internet connection is mandatory ?
  1. Yes, you need Internet to download the required stuffs.
  2. And you may not need Internet connection for designing the web site if you follow OFF LINE Procedure written in this blog.
  3. Also you need Internet to host your web site after designing.
Does Initializations of two server will take much time?

            Actually we are not going to setup servers for a very big application like ,

This made easy with XAMPP
X- Cross Platform of
A- Apache

So we got two servers in one package. Its absolutely Free of cost.You can download and install xampp for both Windows and Linux here.

Note: Kindly disable all the firewalls, anti virus(Windows), previously installed web servers, Database servers.
 Because Apache will use port 8080 and MYSQL will use port 3306.

Once you installed the XAMPP. Open its directory and open the XAMPP control panel by opening the file "Xampp-control".

Here you can see "Apache", "Mysql"  click on start on both the servers, you will find those are running as shown below

Once both the servers are started you can proceed the WordPress Installation.Now click on the Admin button of the Apche . It will open the xampp splash screen in the web browser.

Select the Language.

It will open the Xampp Home Page (http://localhost/xampp/index.php)

In this URL localhost is the directory that i have installed xampp. In the above figure you can see the current directory as "D:\program files\xampp". 8080 is the default port used by the Apache server. 

We can now install the WordPress, Extract the WordPress folder from the zipped file that you downloaded.

Copy the folder and paste inside the htdocs folder
xampp installed directory -> apache -> htdocs.
In my case
D:\program files\xampp\apache\htdocs
Paste the folder inside this folder because apache web server's configuration folder is htdocs.

I have pasted the folder named "wordpress" inside "htdocs"

Now open the browser and open the URL

Once you open it you will get a error page that you did not configured wp-config.php as shown below

So Click the "Create Configuration File" button and the new page open as shown below

 Now Lets Go!, The New Page Opens a form to setup the WordPress configuration as shown below

Before Getting Started, you need database for the WordPress so open the Xampp- control Panel and click on the My sql admin. or open http://localhost/phpmyadmin as shown below

Enter the new database name in the textbox and click on create.

I have entered as wordpress.

Close this page, In the WordPress installation Fill the
DB Name As "wordpress"
UserName as "root"             Root User of MySql
Password as ""                      Clear that field because MySql will not have any password by default
Database Host as "localhost"    Since we are running server in loclhost

Click Submit it will install necessary tables in the database and now the new page will open asking site details as shown below

Enter the site title
Enter the Preferred User name             
Note:This will be needed for logging in to the site to add, edit, delete content.
Fill the password
Note: Be careful it is also needed to log into the site
Enter e mail id
Click Submit.

It will open the another page click on Login.

The Login Page will appear as shown below

Enter the user name and password that you have given in the previous form.
Once you are authentic to the system the page redirect to the Dashboard of your site as shown below

This is the place where you can edit your site.

To Visit your site
i have given the folder name as wordpress so
To Open the admin dashboard just add /wp-admin to the URL

You Have successfully installed WordPress.
Happy Hacking

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