Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to take screenshot from Android Mobile/Tablet

Taking screen shot of the android mobile/tablet can be done in very few steps.

This is the steps that i follow to take screen shot of the mobile devices.

I am using ubuntu 12.04 connected with the iberry Tablet that is running android Ice Cream Sand wich.

First you need to connect the device using USB Data cable and turn on the USB Debugging mode in the device.

Launcher -> Settings -> Developer Options -> USB debugging (Check it)

Now open the terminal in the computer

Ctrl + Alt + T

Go to the location of the android sdk folder

In my case i have my android sdk folder at


Once you are inside the android sdk folder you can see the folder named tools
now get into the folder

cd tools

Now run the ddms file


Now select the device and click on

Device -> Screen Capture...


Ctrl + S

You will get the device screen on your desk

Click Save to take the shot

Refresh to get the updated screen

Click Rotate to rotate the screen image

Once you are done click on Done

Happy Hacking...

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