Sunday, February 2, 2014

Getting Started with Git in Eclipse

Hello Every one after long time i am posting this post, this will explain how simply you can use GIT(Version Control System) for your projects on Eclipse.
Pre request
1. Eclipse
2. Account on

First i will push my android project into github repository
1. Log into your github

2. Click on "New Repository" in your dashboard which is found in bottom right

3. Enter the Name of your repository, i have entered as "Sample" and click on "Create Repository"

4. After creating the repository you can see the repository page, now click on http and copy the URL as shown below

Now we have created the repository in github and we have to create the Android project in eclipse

5. Right Click on the Android Project ->Team -> Share Project

6. Set Git in a Dialog that appear, ignore Warning just click OK and Click on Next

7. For the first time you have to create a local repository click on create and enter the name and click finish

8. Check the repository name and click finish

9. Now commit your code to the local repository Right Click on the project ->Team ->Commit

10. Authorize yourself with username and email address of git

11. Now a new screen will appear enter the comit message and select the files that want to be commited and click Commit

12. Now we will push this to the remote git Right Click on project title -> Team -> Remote->Push

13. Enter the username and password of the git and Click Next

14. Wait for a minute and Click Finish

15. Go to github site and refresh your repository page you can see the android folder and its content is added to the repository.

Hope this one will help.Happy hacking :)

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